Your Hosts:

Mark Duncan (Guest Services) is formerly an Interior Designer for the hospitality industry, so he knows the industry inside-out and knows exactly what guests expect.

Steve Dearlove (Business Manager) was an architect for most of his career, and now manages the behind the scenes running of the business. 


Our Story:

Our goal from the outset was to provide a premium guest experience at a competitive price. 

We starting with just one suite in August 2015 as an experiment on AirBnB. Within three months we became SuperHosts. The success was so great we decided to add another suite in 2016. That also turned out extremely successful, so we expanded the following year by adding another two suites, then another in 2019. We'd add more, but we've run out of room!

In August of 2018 we signed up with Expedia and in addition to AirBnB. Now we are also on VRBO and TripAdvisor.

After a while, we had so many regular guests wanting to book direct we felt it was the right decision to launch our own website.


Our Ratings:

Now, we're consistently ranked in the top three properties of all rated hotels and BnB's in Barrie. Why? Because we are meticulous with cleaning, the beds and linens are commercial quality, guests get the quiet night’s sleep they’re ultimately seeking, and we offer real value by comparison to the local corporate hotel chains. Also, people love the downtown location, the huge backyard and off-street parking.